Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A shot from the Hubble telescope of a star cluster called NGC 602. Located about 200,000 light years away the stunning gas clouds surround bright young stars just out of their birth clouds. The solar winds from the young stars are pushing the gas clouds into fantastic shapes. I'm not sure if it looks like a strange fringed flower or some fantastic space monster out to "eat" the stars.

This picture is almost restful. I love these pictures.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Shot from one of my favorite websites, Astronomy Picture of the Day.

This is a Hubble shot of the Lagoon Nebula from 1995. A fantastic shot of dust and gas lit by the young stars you can barely see through the dust. A shot of almost every colors of the palate. The nebula lies about 5,000 light years away in the constellation Sagitarius.

It's almost an impressionist painting. I could get lost in this for hours.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Bandit resting up after surviving the Invincible Purple Feather Duster of Death.
Actually it's a feathery kitty toy that's seen better days. It's funny how each one reacts to it. Bandit attacks, Lucky tries to love it to death and Misty just watches. She watches it so closely that if you swirl it she tries to keep focussed on it. I'm not sure how she keeps from getting dizzy, because I get dizzy just watching her. LOL


Now that the weather is cooling down the birds are back at the feeders. Juncos are usually ground feeders but this little guy was checking out the supplies in the home made feeder. Good thing because the ones on the ground didn't show up as well as this little guy did. I mean I could see them in the picture but it wouldn't post very well.

Incidentally the feeder is plastic plant pot base. I used and awl to punch some holes in the bottom so water will drain out. Then s hooks and chains to hold it. Took maybe half an hour to make. The squirrels hand from the branch, use one paw to pull up a chain and use the other to grab the seeds. They are very, very good at it. If a little messy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


They aren't the prettiest breadsticks I've ever seen. You won't find these at the Olive Garden. LOL But I did find a recipe for a soft breadstick. We aren't talking Artisan bread here. They've got milk, shorting and eggs in the dough. But, they're so good. It's a version of Challah dough. I've been trying to do something like this off and on since I worked at that little bakery in the mall. I haven't quite worked out how to make garlic sticks yet. As in garlic in the dough, not on the dough. And these are really good with cheddar cheese melted on top. Really, really good actually.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


It’s funny how I start out heading one direction with an entry and it ends up someplace else, so someplace else.

It’s the between time of the year in the Southern Willamette valley. In a way it’s an odd time too. They grow a lot of grass seed and forage in the fields around down and up the little valleys. It’s been harvested, plowed and reseeded. If we get enough rain and sun this time of year some of the fields turn a glorious emerald green. It feels just a little schizo driving by the fields on the way home from work. One field will be bright green while the pasture next to it is still autumn brown.

Most of the trees haven’t started to turn yet, but they’re getting a cast to the color that says “it won’t be long.” Funny thing is, a few trees have made the change and are on their way to leafless. Our dogwood is half the way to leafless while the maples on the hill behind the house are still green.
The ornamental trees I drive by on the way home are flaming orange on their way to leafless and the poplar plantation out by the airport is still green. Go figure. And when we do finally get some really great color going, we get a herking rain and windstorm and all the leaves turn into mulch.

Goddess, I am so not ready for winter this year. I don’t know if the it’s the crappy economy or the endless political campaigning, I just want to skip winter and head straight into spring.

We had company this weekend and I didn't get my usual dose of dirt under my nails. Maybe what I need is a good session in the garden.