Wednesday, July 13, 2016


I could get behind All Lives Matter when or IF the folks who came up with the riff on BLM actually acted like they believe it.

 Black lives don't matter to them. I'm still trying to figure out how that Harvard research group came up with their so called facts. 

 Brown lives don't matter when all Hispanics get lumped in with the undocumented even though some of those Hispanic families have been in this country a lot longer than say Trump's, Santorum's, Rubio's or Scalia's.

Women's lives, especially poor women's lives don't matter when low cost, life saving testing is blocked in the name of religious bigotry, Women's lives don't matter when the owners of a Y chromosome are allowed to split hairs over the definition of rape. Women's lives don't matter when they're told if you didn't get drunk, didn't dress the way you did or go where you did you wouldn't have been attacked. 

Those who don't fit the accepted stereotype of classic male/female don't matter when bigoted churchmen tell them they should stay in the closet, keep their mouths shut, or worse still die. LBBT lives don't matter when pastors in their so called church services respond to a mass shooting with "too bad more didn't die," 

Third World lives obviously don't matter. The bombs, planes, ammo and training that ripped Central America apart in the eighties and nineties came labeled Made in America. And that's just for starters.

The lives of the working and lower middle classes obviously don't matter when good jobs get outsourced overseas to gain a point or two in the stock market. And those who don't make enough to pay taxes at the federal level or don't pay very much are told they're not contributing their fair share. Tell that to the people who haul your garbage, fix your roads repair your big ass pick ups and SUV's. Tell that to the folks who check your groceries and stock the shelves, Tell that to the small scale farmers who put food on your groaning tables. Tell that to the third world farmers who got suckered into planting Monsanto and Dow crops, are now in debt up to their hairlines and committing suicide. 

 In too many cities the lives of the homeless don't matter when laws are passed that make it illegal to sit down much less sleep on public property. The lives of the mentally ill don't matter when having a breakdown or melt down can get you arrested or killed. 

 The lives of the rest of Creation don't matter when we burn, blast, frack, poison and destroy habitat. Guess I'll wait on the ALL Lives Matter until they prove they really believe it,

Until then I'm really, really tired.