Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Bandit continues her fascination with area rugs.

Somehow she managed to get herself turned around while not coming out from under the rug.

Lucky in full "I can't stand it, I gotta look mode."

Sunday, November 18, 2007


It has been raining all day, but that doesn't stop the local juncos from checking out the soggy yard for seeds. Lucky for me, it perched on a strawberry so it would show up.

Siskin checking out the soggy feeder. Luckily there is some drier weather in the forcast so we can bring it in to dry out later this week.

\When the squirrels visit the feeder, they are pretty sloppy. Other squirrels and the little ground feeders clean up after them.

When I take pictures I take them at the largest file setting I can. This way I can extract little pieces that look pretty good posted here. I doubt they'd print very well, but ah well.


We keep the sunflower seeds on the porch in a recycled plastic bucket the Kiwanis club used to sell strawberries. The bucket has been getting a little battered and since it folds up the fold finally wore out. It's been showing signs of toothy explorations for awhile now, too.

Heard an odd thumping sound this morning and found this little lady on the porch.

Looks very polite doesn't she? And hopeful.

Heading back to try for more.

The trick is to get the lid up long enough to get your front end inside to grab some seeds. I think this might be the one I spotted watching me refill the front yard feeder Saturday morning. Standing very straight, unafraid, and watchful. Moved a little way off, she came over, shinnied up the poles holding the feeder and tucked in. Closest I've ever been to one. Obviously nobody has taught this one that people can be real twits at times.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


I wish I’d had my camera in the back bedroom this morning. I looked out the window while I was getting dressed and there was a two spike buck up on the garden behind the retaining wall. He checked out the plants on the level and then made his careful way up the hill, disappearing into the shrubs and low trees. A little later, as I was making my Sunday gas run I saw him ambling south down the sidewalk and he disappeared around the bend in the street. It was like, wow. Obviously he wasn’t afraid of anything. It would be no trouble for him to make his way to the greenway along the river, follow the bike path and disappear into east end of the park that starts about a half mile away.


It’s been quiet and foggy all day. The high, cruddy fog that we get this time of year when it doesn’t rain. It was beautiful yesterday. Bright and sunny, great for playing football or watching the birds and squirrels raid the front yard feeders. Watched one messy squirrel on the feeder dropping the excess on the head of another on the ground below. Both with busy little paws picking out the good bits.


 Didn’t see many today. I think everybody was laying kind of low. Foggy, chilly and gray. Ah, November in the southern Willamette Valley. The fogs are worst this time of year. The air is colder and the land is still warm from the summer sun. Makes for some interesting commutes in the morning this time of year.


Mom got back from California Tuesday. Of course I was happy to have her back. And the cats were absolutely overjoyed. A lap during the day, Happy, happy, joy, joy. At least when they weren’t pouting because she was gone. And I found out just about how long she can be gone before they start channeling their inner three year old and start acting like three spoiled brats. Just about one week, two days and some odd hours.


Monday night Misty didn’t want to go out for dinner and bed, Bandit was waiting to be petted every time I got up during the night and Lucky was in fullpout mode. Interesting how a critter that can’t stick out a lower lip can still pout so well. J And Tuesday morning after I had let them in and was getting ready to go out the door for work they all were giving me the “poor me” look. “How can you abandon us like this? We’re all alone!!!!!!” Oy! Of course I do have a very active imagination.