Wednesday, June 4, 2014


The theory behind carrying your long gun anywhere you damn well please is that you need to be able to protect yourself. Warning, I have a nasty, twisted sense of humor and I don’t mind sharing.

Heck the first time I drove up the Columbia Gorge to Eastern Oregon I had to pass several damns and their hydro power stations. Man, three or four guys in small planes or up on the hill with a SAM or bazooka could cause some serious damage. I understand that most of the Columbia Basin is a serious no fly zone for just that reason. And I assume that there’s some form of ground security that will keep the bad guys on the other side of the ridge and off the skyline.
OK, you’ve decided to blow away folks at your local bar, church, Home Depot. Whatever. You aren’t on anybody’s watch list. You manage to get your sticky fingers on three or four semi auto pistols and a butt load of ammo. You stroll into the sanctuary, pretend to check out the windows, visit the holy water font, whatever while scoping out your fellow targets, I mean worshippers.

I assume you’ve spent a little time at a firing range and can hit the broad side of a barn at oh, say twenty feet. You spot three people with rifles slung across their backs scattered among the worshippers. Now (just spit ballin’ here folks, just spit ballin’) who are you going to take out first? Right. The guys with the obvious guns. Them first, then blast away to your twisted heart’s delight until the cops show up, you flee the scene or a group of civilians take you down the old fashioned way in a free for all dog pile and beat the crap out of you.

Heck, 2009 Lakewood Washington, four count them four, cops in were in a coffee shop getting ready for their shifts. Four cops trained, in uniform and armed. A man walked into the coffee shop and murdered all four in seconds.

If you’re serious about trying to protect your fellow man/woman. Take the time and trouble to get a concealed carry permit and some training. Might cost you some time and money. Still might not help. I mean, police departments across the country spend a lot of time and money training their people how to react in emergency situations. But, there you are in a nice, quiet coffee shop with your radar turned off planning for what you assumed would be a normal tour of duty.

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Lisa :-] said...

Almost invariably, people who commit these gun-toting mass murders expect to be killed in the process. I'd argue that suicide is their primary goal. They just plan on going out in a blaze of glory and media attention, and possibly take out as many of the folks they perceive have done them wrong as possible in the process. So I don't think a mass murderer with an automatic weapon, a grudge, and a death wish is going to be too worried about getting killed in the process of playing out his dream (nightmare) scenario. These assholes who tote guns around in public are just idiots who get a kick out of intimidating people, and they are utterly intoxicated with the idea that they can. They don't give as shit about anybody else.