Saturday, May 3, 2008


I don’t know what the Latin is for the last part of “I came, I saw, I said the hell with it.” Of course there’s always “hasta la vista, muchachos.” We went out to the local, shall be nameless garden center in Springfield, spent a few minutes looking around, tried to ignore the rock music they’ve added this year, and realized that their vegetable and herb section looked pretty darn pathetic.


Exit garden center and quick trip to Johnson Brothers just north of Coburg. Came home with tomatoes, peppers, onion sets, and some new strawberry plants; for berries not landscapes. We also picked up a couple kinds of basil, regular thyme and lemon thyme (lemon thyme really does smell like lemons) and some parsley. Oh, and a white lilac for the side yard as an early mother’s day present. We also picked up some good advice on how the keep the shrub from getting eight feet tall.


And it was busy out there. They had six checkers going full tilt and the line started way outside the sales building. We didn’t even visit any of the green houses; we’ll go back and go through the perennials building in a couple of weeks. And we’re talking herkin’ big green houses here.


So we can make some more progress on the back and get the first stages of the garden in. Actually the yard looks pretty good for the third of May.


Nuts, I have to call them tomorrow and see if they have any calendula. Darn, we should have at least checked the perennials building. Not that there was any room on the cart for anything else by the time we got done.


Johnson’s really does a good job with their display plantings. Big planters, little planters, all full of good suggestions for combining different plants.  Add in cheerful people who know their plants and the trip is always worthwhile.


(Huge yawn) My early morning weeding session is catching up with me. Hard to believe it took two hours to clean up a strip about fifteen feet long by about a foot wide so it will be ready for bean seeds. Not hard, just a little tedious, but good for the waistline.


One thing about weekend yard work; staying up past midnight on Friday and Saturday nights has gone bye bye. On the other hand I think I’ve dropped about five pounds in the last six weeks. Yippee skippee; there’s only sixteen or so to get back where I was BEFORE the holidays.




toonguykc said...

There's a frost advisory here in Hooterville.  SIGH


mlraminiak said...

I don't like going to Johnsons anymore.  It has been "discovered"...there are way too many people out there on any given weekend day.  There are plenty of less popular garden centers in the Eugene-Springfield area that have as good or better selection.  Fighting crowds is not part of my ideal garden center experience...  Lisa  :-]

dsonney01 said...

You lucky lady- all those new plants! Don't you live somewhere near Nichols Nursery? I've ordered seeds and stuff from them for years. Dannelle

rdautumnsage said...

This coming weekend I want to finish cleaning out my flower beds and get them ready for planting. I'm actually leaning more toward Rose bushes this year. I want something a little stable without as much work. (Hugs) Indigo