Sunday, November 18, 2007


It has been raining all day, but that doesn't stop the local juncos from checking out the soggy yard for seeds. Lucky for me, it perched on a strawberry so it would show up.

Siskin checking out the soggy feeder. Luckily there is some drier weather in the forcast so we can bring it in to dry out later this week.

\When the squirrels visit the feeder, they are pretty sloppy. Other squirrels and the little ground feeders clean up after them.

When I take pictures I take them at the largest file setting I can. This way I can extract little pieces that look pretty good posted here. I doubt they'd print very well, but ah well.


rdautumnsage said...

Beautiful pictures. The Fall foliage, with the burgundy colors really highlights the birds. (Hugs) Indigo

toonguykc said...

You've just got the best scenery up your way.  Very nice & cozy.


mleighin21st said...

Beautiful garden shots.  It must be so nice to have that kind of color this late in the season.  Things here are mostly "brown" looking.   Have a great week.  
                                           Smiles,   Leigh

tenyearnap said...

Still green here, too. The juncos have been at our feeder along with magpie, nuthatch and an occasional Stellar jay. We even had a creeper lately. That was cool to see. --Cin