Sunday, January 23, 2011


When I started this blog a few years ago, I called it the Cottage by the Hedge. I was interested in the path of the hedgewitch and wild wood mystic at the time and the title seemed to fit. I’ve always had a soft spot for gardens and stone walled cottages with herbs by the door. My path has spiraled a bit to the more traditional side of the hedge, if you can call exploring and sympathizing with your Quaker ancestors traditional.

As I explored I found that there is a common thread in all paths, hope. And it’s walk with hope and love or go under. But, I’m finding hope kind of thin on the ground these days. I guess the last few years have eroded my trust in just about everything but God, (however you see Him/Her) my family and few very close friends.

The president is set to present his constitutionally required State of the Union address early this week. And as I checked out the cable programming for the afternoon, what do I find on the National Geographic Channel? All 9/11 all day long. Including an hour titled Rudi Giuliani’s 9/11. Now, fifty percent of NatGeo is owned by News Corporation which also owns Fox News. Strange bedfellows don’t you think? I’m asking myself why these programs now and I’m not too happy with my conclusions. What the heck I already had a date with a bunch of Ranters, Seekers, Diggers, Quakers and other 17th century British undesirables before I checked out the cable guide. I’ll keep it.


Real Life In A Minute said...

Never run out of hope. It is always there. Sometimes it does seem thin though and we have to reach out for that which is greater than ourselves. All the best.

Lisa :-] said...

Let's just pull a pillow over our heads, well, I can't think of "until what..."

JACKIE said...

If I have a pillow I'm going to put a brick in it and throw it at somebody. I am so tired of this crap.

Colleen said...

Nice post. Keep on posting.

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