Friday, January 18, 2008


Pumpkin’s meme from Carpe Diem-Sieze the Day

1.   What is your name? Jacklyn Sue Heaton.  Which translates out to Jackie at work and Sue to family.

2.   How old are you? I could say “old enough to no better” actually just turned 58.

3.   Where are you from? Born in Eugene, Oregon, raised in Oakridge, moved back to Springfield in ’68. Springfield is just across the river from Eugene. Haven’t gone far.

4.   Do you smoke? No

5.   Do you drink? Alcohol, no. Don’t care for the taste. Do drink tea and the odd cup of coffee.

6.   Do you have a family?  Please explain, if yes. Depends on how you define family. There’s my mom. I have two sisters and they both are both married. I have five nephews.

7.   What are your hobbies? Reading, computers, photography, baking, knitting.

8.   What is your favorite ice cream? Chocolate, I didn’t know there was another kind.

9.   What is your favorite animal? Cats. I like dogs too, but cats use litter boxes and they don't have to be walked. That comes in very handy this time of year.

10.  Do you wear glasses? Yes, since fourth grade. Can't see past the end of my nose, literally. Finally graduated to bifocals last year.

11.  What nationality are your ancestors from? Mixed bag. Scotch, Irish, English, Welsh and German.

12.  What color is your hair? Was brown, now silver gray and brown

13.  What are you wearing now? Bathrobe and slippers

14.  What is your favorite color? Dark blue. The dark blue you see in the sky after sundown.

15.  What teacher do you remember most from your childhood? That’s a toughie. I was lucky, and had a lot of good teachers. Probably Mr. Egink. He was my eighth grade science teacher. Good teacher but he was very tall and had a very deep voice. And he had us all well and truly buffaloed for about the first week. That’s when we discovered he was really a big teddy bear.

16.  What are your pets and their names? Three cats. Lucky, Misty and Bandit.

17.  What is your favorite food? See the entry about ice cream. Anything as long as it’s chocolate.

18.  What is your job? I work for a large car and RV dealership. I’ve finally decided what I really do is herd paper. Lots and lots of paper. Lots and lots of paper.


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