Saturday, February 8, 2014


Just one more of these with commentary. Then I think I'll just post some of them and let folks draw their own conclusions.

"I do believe the earth is less than 10k years old, sure. I trust the eye witness that was there and was kind enough to tell us about it, God. I do believe people lived hundreds of years, so what? … There is no old earth creation. It’s a lie of Satan to deceive the very elect if possible. … Dump science and believe the Bible. Science is the fancy of men while the Bible is every single word of the Living God, perfectly preserved and inspired for us to read. "

Oy, what can you say to something like this? Science is a trick of the devil. It's all a lie. BECAUSE THE BIBLE SAYS SO. From what I've picked up this "literalism" seems to be largely confined to the US. There's a fancy term for what this is Sola Scriptura. The Orthodox consider it a heresy. The first natural scientists were churchmen. Heck the Vatican even has an astronomer. A Jesuit with multiple degrees. 

I believe it was Eckhart who said that to find God you had to give up God. You have to give up the the God fashioned in your own image. The God small enough to fit your imagination and look for the God that exists beyond our understanding.


Lisa :-] said...

I arrived at the same conclusion as Eckhart some years ago. How could the Creator of the universe be as small, venal and human as It is painted by many of the world's religions? Our imaginations are so sad and limited. What is wrong with us?

JACKIE said...
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JACKIE said...

I'm cooking another journal entry about your question. Tomorrow.

It's kind of scary reading Eckhart. I find myself nodding and thinking, yeah, I knew that already. Too bad it isn't something you can "force feed" the fundies. I'm afraid you're either wired into the universe or you aren't And we're in the minority.