Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Cin  was tagged by Amy and then she tagged me, so here goes.


What was I doing ten years ago?


Taking computer classes and looking for a new job. Ended up with a local auto/RV dealership. And I’ve been there ever since.


What five things on my list of things to do tomorrow?


  1. Driving to work.
  2. I have a co worker with a recurrence of cancer so I’m doing another shawl.
  3. Work on the plant list for the backyard.
  4. Tease the cats.
  5. Work on the endless to be read book list. Current favorite, The Herb Lovers Handbook.


Snacks I enjoy:


So many yummies so little time. Dark chocolate, dried cranberries, spiced tea..


Bad Habits:


I’m not sure it’s a bad habit, but I’d rather read or knit than move. And with a laptop I can knit and surf at the same time. Oh well.


What would I do if were suddenly a billionaire?


All my nephews would besure of their college educations. After that, I’m not sure, but I think there would be a lot of donations to the local schools.


Five places I have lived:


I guess I’m a real home body. Oakridge <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Oregon and Springfield Oregon. And they’re only thirty eight miles apart.


Five jobs I have had:


  1. Picked beans in high school
  2. Child care
  3. Answering service
  4. Hickory Farms pushing cheese and crackers
  5. Paper herder (accounting office at the dealership)


Ok, Cin. Hmmm, I guess I’ll tag Lisa.


mlraminiak said...

Jeez, you didn't include Chatel in the five jobs you've had?  Then again...what would you call what we did there?  I've never been too sure, myself...  Lisa  :-]

toonguykc said...

I've never lived too far from my original birthplace either.  Maybe I'm serving a karmic sentence or something?  ;)


mleighin21st said...

Mmm...the Hickory Farms job sounds yummy, I hope you got a good discount.  I don't think reading and knitting are bad habits, just temptations to ignore some of the other things you should be doing.  :-)
                            Have a great day,  Leigh

dsonney01 said...

I still want to see your shawls! Dannelle

tenyearnap said...

"Tease the cats" is on a to-do list. hee hee...I m sticking that on my official things to do list today. Look out, kitties! --Cin

rdautumnsage said...

Loved your answers! I don't normally do these either but gave in after being tag a few times. (Hugs) Indigo