Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I mentioned a few posts back that we had a new "adoptee."  He showed up during the big snow last Spring.

He had a collar missing its tag, Said hello and moved in. By the second evening he showed up with his right front leg through the collar. Picked him up, tossed him through the front door and cut off the collar. That's when we discovered he knew what windows and doors were for. Went to the front door, meowed and went out when I opened it. Since then he's evolved into something of an outie/innie. Especially when he discovered that he could mooch some of Bandit's dinner.

Bandit tolerates the obstreperous upstart. Big change from trying to kick him in the pants, so to speak. And Smokie Jo is obviously very comfortable with the situation. 

And the other night he hopped up with mom in her chair. That did put the Bandit's nose out of joint. "That's my place!" Relax kid. Smokie never stays in more than half an hour or so, so far. He sniffs at but hasn't tried to use the litter box. I am not sure how that would go over right now. I'm really not, so I'm not pushing it.

And best of all, he knows that Amber was here first. I put another towel on the bench out back while the weather was still cool and damp. Whoever got there first usually ended up in the corner but there's room enough for two and some munchies. I haven't been able to get a good shot of the two of them snoozing in semi perfect harmony. LOL


Lisa :-] said...

The other day, while I held and petted our "new" outdoor guest, my niece said to me, "You're such a cat lady!" I guess she's right...we have seven indoors and one outdoors now. Plus the dog. You and Mom are up to what, four now? Someone's gonna be calling YOU "cat ladies" pretty soon. ;)

JACKIE said...

Three innies, and Lucky is sixteen. And the one and half outies. Amber has bed here. She knows where the food is. She meows when you talk to her. But, she has her ways and trust goes just so far. so far.