Sunday, May 20, 2007


I will probably regret saying this. Here it is the twentieth of May and we've had one day that even got close to eighty degrees. This weekend it's showering and chilly. But still very nice. If you like rain. I don't really, it gets on my glasses. LOL

Our first rose. Not the first one in the neighborhood, but we live next to a hill so we don't get as much sun as the folks across the street.

A beautiful red lupin. Mom wintered the surviving lupins over in a large planter. Two of the four came through very well. There is a purple one also, but it's closer to the hill and about half the size of this one. A marvelous combination of colors.

Chives in their flowering stage, believe it or not. I'm not sure it helps the flavor of the herb, but they are surprisingly pretty.

Looking towards the hill on the side yard. What a riot of colors. Um, I'm ignoring the fairly bare spot just to the right where we removed the elder yesterday. We tossed around at least a dozen ideas yesterday. One this is certain, except for investing a native rose or two next fall, we have enough plants right here in the yard to do the job.

Anyway, we're looking at ground cover geraniums, roses on the verge of blooming, the chives. There are some blueberry bushes behind the chives.They've set on well this spring. All the little (and not so little) buzzing insects love those geraniums. I swear I've seen some bumblebees large enough to saddle and bridle this spring. At least for flower fairies.

Getting the hang of the "new and improved" way of handling pictures on AOL. I think the jury is deadlocked.


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