Sunday, May 6, 2007


Right now we're between bloomings. So I put labels on some of the plants. We have some handmade stepping stones. Jon's football playing hands are so much bigger now.

Another shot of the plants coming on. The blue is a ground cover called lithadora. Blue and dainty.

Shot towards the south and the new kid on the block. The white lavender did not come through the winter. It did it's thing and did it well for two years. The newbie is blue oat grass. It doesn't take much breeze for it to wave at you and it should have some nice off white seed heads to wave in the wind. The big green leaves in the front are from autumn crocuses. God, they are huge this year. You get foliage in the spring and large crocus blossoms in the fall.

Ground cover strawberries, and two shrubby potentillas. The one is front is supposed to be pale pink and the one in back is yellow. The purple cone flower in coming up in the cluster of violets at the back. Poor thing barely came up last year. The huge lavenders were crowding them out.

Violas and wild bleeding heart. A delicate pale pink, much different from the what we usually see.

Ground cover geraniums,. ferns, an orange azalea, heather, and other goodies. Looking towards the north west.

Very nice.




tenyearnap said...

That orange azalea is NEON in the middle of all the greens! I have never seen the wild bleeding heart before. I like it. That blue oat grass is one of my favorites, too, because of the way it moves. Very nice. --Cin

toonguykc said...

I love groundcovering plants.  So much more appealing than boring old grass that has to be mowed.