Sunday, July 31, 2011


No pictures this time. Amber was waiting by the bowls on the porch this morning. She retreated to the sidewalk when I came out but was on the second step by the time I was close enough to put her food out. I think she's realized that she's protected on three sides and can hear anyone/anything trying to sneak up on her on the open side;she's a lot more relaxed about eating and sticks around longer. Plus anybody else is going to have to be pretty confident to come this close to the house.

Where she goes afterwards? I'm not sure, but the yard has plenty of places for a small kiitty person to lay up and never be seen.

Friday, July 29, 2011


There’s a story on HuffPost about a poll taken that shows that a majority of Americans don’t support defunding Planned Parenthood. One comment basically said “don’t expect me to support you with my taxes.”

Well bub or sis if you don’t want to support anyone else with your taxes, I suggest that;

You stay off any roads from the street in front of your house to the freeways. Most of them were built with tax money.

Don’t fly anywhere. The air traffic controllers are paid with tax money.

If you live in the Columbia/Snake River, Colorado River, or TVA drainage systems don’t use any electricity. The dams were built with tax money.

Don’t buy any out of season produce. Almost half of the nation’s produce comes from California irrigated with Colorado River water from those tax supported dams.

Don’t buy any products that could have come through the Mississippi River, Great Lakes, Saint Lawrence Seaway network. Many of the levees, locks and channels were built with or maintained with tax money. Same for any products that come through the Columbia/Snake river network. The locks are part of the tax payer built dams.

Don’t buy a house with an FHA mortgage, it’s government administered. I could continue. Guess you’d better go hide under a rock.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Amber was waiting at the door this morning right on time. I think she heard me check the porch. She wasn't there, but when I came back with food she was sitting on the middle step with a "yes" look on her face. Now to convince her that porch will be a good place to hang out when the weather turns wet and chillyy.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our neighbors to the south had to move, because of health problems. The wife was looking after three cats. One was an innie/outie. And the other two were semi ferals. She was able to catch one, but this fuzz ball stayed steadfastly out of reach.

We spent about a month putting food out on her beloved deck and hoped she was getting enough. She’d watch and if we got too close she’d duck under the deck and peek out. A couple of weeks ago she seemed to figure out where the people with the food could be found and would be waiting in the side yard, then book. We tried tossing a little food her way while she was still on our side of the fence. It didn’t take long to find her waiting in the front yard. She’s eating on the steps now. And has started showing up in the evening. She’s also discovered the neighbor’s woodpile. She looks like a fuzzy little queen, perched up on the top, surveying the neighborhood. Mom calls her Amber. I think she looks like a tribble with ears and eyes. I was finally able to get a couple of shots through the window, but only from the back. Her eyes are the same color as her fur, and she has a tiny little meow.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


I know the Tea Baggers claim to be the heirs of the original Boston Tea Party. Probably the politest mob in history. They didn't object to paying taxes, but they wanted to have representatives in the body deciding on the taxes.

No, our modern baggers have a closer resemblance to the British response to the Tea Party. Send over a fleet, occupy the city, close the Port of Boston, demand the tea be paid for even though by closing the Port there's no money to pay for it and then refuse to negotiate.

ladies and gentlemen time to hoist your true colors.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Tomorrow we start a flying trip to see my oldest nephew married off. She's a sweetheart and hey, I finally get a niece. That's the good part. We're also taking as many of our comforts as we can squeeze into the car, because to be honest spending seven or eight hours in a car was fun, about twenty years ago.

One thing I can count on. In spite of all the extra litter boxes Lucky will meet us as the door and make it very, very clear that all is not well in her little corner of the world. Too bad all our problems can't be solved with a pooper scooper.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


The new batch of Republicans in congress don't want to raise the debt limit without deep cuts. That hasn't stopped them from trying to cook a fair amount of pork.

One, NO NEW SPENDING until we know what we have to spend.

Two, one way or another I want to see none of the above on the ballot. Either printed on the ballot or written in on the write in line. It would be a kick if none of the above managed to get the most votes. At least if it captured a fair percentage of the votes neither side could claim a mandate.