Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Our neighbors to the south had to move, because of health problems. The wife was looking after three cats. One was an innie/outie. And the other two were semi ferals. She was able to catch one, but this fuzz ball stayed steadfastly out of reach.

We spent about a month putting food out on her beloved deck and hoped she was getting enough. She’d watch and if we got too close she’d duck under the deck and peek out. A couple of weeks ago she seemed to figure out where the people with the food could be found and would be waiting in the side yard, then book. We tried tossing a little food her way while she was still on our side of the fence. It didn’t take long to find her waiting in the front yard. She’s eating on the steps now. And has started showing up in the evening. She’s also discovered the neighbor’s woodpile. She looks like a fuzzy little queen, perched up on the top, surveying the neighborhood. Mom calls her Amber. I think she looks like a tribble with ears and eyes. I was finally able to get a couple of shots through the window, but only from the back. Her eyes are the same color as her fur, and she has a tiny little meow.

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