Friday, October 14, 2016


A McDonalds in Tennessee has had a nativity scene painted in the street side windows. Looks nice. Somebody took a picture and it has gone viral.

Long exhausted sigh. Back to school boys and girls. A private business from your local Micky D's to a corporate bank can display a nativity scene complete with the Wise Men, camels, shepherds, sheep, cows and goats. Your neighbor can display a nativity scene equally elaborate. Well, as long as their neighbors don't mind an increase in traffic in the neighborhood. Every church in town can put up a nativity scene. You MIGHT even be able to rent space in the local park. That's just fine. As long as no tax money is involved.

Hell the mayor and the city council can show up for the unveiling as long as they are there as privete citizens and not in their political roles.

The story is as much about a town tradition of decorating for Christmas as anything else. But, given the charged political atmosphere it probably won't be long until this is hailed as one of the opening salvos in the so called "War Against Christmas."

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