Monday, October 31, 2016


Bill Mauldin was one hell of a cartoonist. He got his start during WWII drawing for Stars and Stripes. A collection was published late in the war titled Up Front. And he won the Pulitzer Prize.

Go forward a few years and Bill was back in the states. Still drawing cartoons. A lot of them had a definite edge to them. He wasn't the only GI to come back to the US of the late forties and early fifties who found himself wondering what they'd gone through hell  to protect,

Those cartoons ended up in a book titled Back Home.The piece is pretty self explanatory. And it might be older than me it sums up our current dismal politics pretty well.

Yo! Idiot politicians and your supporters. You can't sink ONE end of the boat without sinking the OTHER end.

Source Back Home page 236 in my copy. Courtesy of my trusty digital camera and Photoshop. Actually there are quite a few good pieces in this book. This could be fun.

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