Thursday, October 13, 2016


For those who don't much care for Clinton and loathe Trump they say they'll vote their consciences. Other years I might not care so much but this year? No, A vote for third party candidates is a vote for Trump and we can't afford that this election most of all.

I'll vote my conscience. I'll vote on the family history that goes back to the 1630's in New England, the 1650's in virginia, the 1680's in Pennsylvania and the Germans who arrived in the early 1700's They risked the Atlantic in little ships crowded with other settlers, their belongings and their livestock. From what I can learn most of them farmers, tavern keepers, small scale merchants. They helped build this country. Some were probably for the revolution. Some were probably against it. Such is politics. But I'll be triple damned if If I'm going to watch MY country join other fallen nations in the dust bin of history. 

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