Saturday, November 12, 2016


"So nice to keep seeing these things that tell me I must not be a Christian because I voted for Donald Trump. I mean here I was thinking that my personal relationship with God is more important than who I voted for to be president...... 

But of course ostracizing people over their choice of President is a great way to spread the kingdom of God right?"

Spotted this comment on this FB page.   He also blogs at Formerly Fundie. The writer is a Mennonite with a couple hard earned doctorates in branches of theology. Please follow the link and check out the picture of him with his adopted daughter. A girl who just might have a target on her back.

There are so many comments I could make, most of them unkind to say the least, But if you'll notice there are no names named. No one is called out. If this individual sees himself in this picture he's put himself there not Ben Corey. And that is his problem, not Ben's.  

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