Saturday, June 24, 2006


There's a nice park about six blocks from where I live. It's right on the river. Years ago there was a sawmill at the edge of town and the old, cleaned up mill race rejoins the river at the edge of the park. It's a bonsai sort of a stream, with noisy little waterfalls and rapids.

There's a nice little path with some overlooks.

On one side there's wonderful shade, cool green and rippling water. There's even places where you can sit down. Very good for the soul.

And less that a hundred feet away there's a busy street. Everbody knows what a car looks like who need s pictures.


toonguykc said...

WOW!!  I want to be walking barefoot in that stream right now!!  I love discreet little places like that.  Thanks for the pics!!!


mlraminiak said...

I want to see the car...  ;-)  Lisa  :-]

tenyearnap said...

It has been so hot and dry here that I am--in my mind--dipping my feet into your stream right now. Ahhhh...

I like the candle in your "About Me"!