Sunday, October 15, 2006


Another tempest in a large teapot. As you'll see from the story she made her post to MySpace last spring, she took it down on her own when she found out it was against the law and the Secret Service didn't show up until just before this falls' election. A coincidence I find more than a little interesting. So, please go to this story first.

Jesus said at some point in the gospels that telling someone you hated them was tantamount to murder. Wicca teaches that whatever you do to someone else will come back to you. And that what comes back will be stronger than what you sent out. Some say three, others say seven or nine. And then there’s the scriptural seventy times seven. Now there’s an incentive to keep your actions on the kindness side of the scales.


So just some thoughts from someone who seldom posts to any boards and is probably hopelessly optimistic.


One, to the teen-answering the violence of war with an ill considered picture with a threat of violence of any kind doesn't solve the problem; it only adds fuel to the flames.


Two, one poster said this will follow her all her life. AWOL Bush disappeared from his guard service, never was held accountable, and managed to get elected governor of <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Texas and president of the US, so I don't think this will really be a problem.


Third, to all of those who think a 14 year old should be hauled out and shot for treason because some other country would do the same thing, this isn't other countries, this is the United States. Incidentally, what do you call lying to the people you were elected to lead, trashing our country’s reputation, repudiating treaties and getting us into the wrong war, for the wrong reason with no plan to get out of the swamp? If we’re going to start down that road I suspect she’d have plenty of company.


Finally, call it the last judgment, conscience, karma, the Golden Rule or the Wiccan rede all that hate and threats you are spewing won’t just go away. You will have to listen to those words and relive those emotions over and over at some point. As good a reason as I know for thinking about what you're going to say or write in the first place. It's hard swallowing cold crow. I haven't found anything that makes it go down easier, and that's as it should be.


marxgo said...

I think the teen showed bad judgement but so did the secret service in the way it was handled.  The SS should show the more maturity in how they handle things.  Hopefully, they learned something, but I doubt it.  It sounds like the teen learned something, in that she is now going to lead a protest instead of dealing with it by the violent pictures.  An odd circumstance but maybe it wasn't all bad.  ~Margo

tenyearnap said...

I read about this today and the first thing I did was go to Google Images and put in "Kill Bush"--not surprisingly, I found PAGES worth of images. Is th secret service hassling everyone or just little girls?

toonguykc said...

My sister is retired from the secret service now -- but I can tell you that the agents just do what they are told to do.  We can hope they are individually smart enough to seperate real threats from trivial stuff like this -- oh, wait  I forgot W is in charge presently.  Nevermind.  :(


mlraminiak said...

Your first point was SO valid...the idea of solving the "Bush Problem" with more violence is in itself just...wrong.  But, think about this girl's short life, what kinds of examples have been set for her as to how to solve problems, from political to personal?  She is an unfortunate product of the times.  And we should be VERY concerned.  Not that a little girl would post ugly (empty) threats against the president of the United States, but that a death threat was the first solution that popped into her head.  Lisa  :-/