Sunday, June 18, 2006


Currents of the River

The currents of the river
Take me 'round each bend,
Over white water rapids,
Until I begin to blend
With the Water Spirits.
As we journey on our way,
Past the shores of memories
The sun dawns on today.
The flow of life engulfs me,
My passage, the river's sounds,
The currents take me safely
'Til I stand on sacred ground.
The songs of the river
Still ring within my soul,
Asking me to sing with them,
As I stand upon the shoal.
"Allow all those around you
To follow their own trails,
Finding their uniquenesses,
And telling their own tales.
Every current is different,
Every lesson will unfold,
And the flow of each river,
Brings lessons to the soul."
From Jamie Sams Earth Medicine. We're very luck to have the Willamette riiver running between Eugene and Springfield. And even luckier to have a fantastic network of bike trails and parks running along the banks. Mom and I have been doing some exploring the last couple of weekends. It'll probably take all summer just ot explore a small portion of them. Great for walks and picnics.


toonguykc said...

Maybe it's because of where I'm from, but I prefer creeks to rivers.  Or maybe it's just my lazy, slow nature.  ;)


lisaram1955 said...

Matt, Lucy and I did a lot of exploring on those trails and bike paths when we lived in the area.  I really do miss it...  Lisa  :-]  

tenyearnap said...

This made me remember the first time I did white water in an old aluminum canoe. Felt like a right-of-passage that had to be completed before the river could really talk to me and tell me its secrets. I believe our souls are made of water...