Monday, December 18, 2006


Mary Barker's Heather Flower Fairy

Although this is the darker time of the year the heather is just beginning to bloom. Not a very warm time of the year for the little fairies. I think ours may be wearing their long johns instead of those cute little shorts.  

Brightener of Darkness, hail!
    Keeper of Clearness, Opener of the depths.
        Gifts of plenty are arising,
            Winter wonders, white snows fall.
Joyful be the hearts within us,
    Open wide the guesting door,
        Wisdom waken in abundance,
            Warm our beings to the core.

by Caitlin Matthews in the Celtic Devotional

1 comment:

tenyearnap said...

Our heather fairies are hibernating under a few inches of fresh snow. But the icicle fairies are having a ball!