Monday, January 1, 2007


This is from Rae Beth's The Hedge Witch's Way.

Great Mother Earth and Green God of forests and all living beings, I invoke you. May your abundance and natural justice prevail for all of us. Help us to know how we may live in harmony with all the creatures and with each other, in wealth. Grant us all true riches – good food, a beautiful country that is healed of damage, and freedom from scarcity. May all the nature spirits have these riches. May all the animals, birds, fishes, insects and reptiles have these riches. May all the plants of every land have these riches. And may all we who need enough wealth for adventure and creativity have all these riches, and it harms none. So may all thrive and celebrate life! So may it be

No, I'm not ready to start casting circles and dancing under the full moon. But, reading some of her prayers helps me to see things in a different way. Our society seems only to see wealth in human terms. To think of even insects and plants as having wealth is so far under the radar it doesn't even register. So may all of us have the wealth we need, even the crickets and the dandelions.


toonguykc said...

I've never even considerated these concepts.  I'll be rereading this journal a few more times.  Cool.


tenyearnap said...

I've been re-reading Joseph Wood Krutch's book The Desert Year. He talks about how the southwest seem barren and inhospitable until you live there and see how every living thing has all it needs.

lisaram1955 said...

That whould be our goal:  to have all we need.  And no more.  It seems the "more" is a source of much evil.  Lisa  :-]