Saturday, June 28, 2008


This is Lucky of the green eyes and the striped tuxedo. Geez, she's almost twelve now. We adopted her from a coworker who took in a pregnant kitten. She found homes for the kittens and since Lucky and her cat didn't get along she needed a home. Rena called her Lucky (as in lucky to have a home) and we kept it for her.

She likes to hold hands, pats your face when she wants your attention and will hang out in your lap for as long as possible. Lucky is the queen of the other cats. Actually she's the smallest, but she more than makes up for it with attitude. Actually the face patting is an improvement as an attention getter. She used to flex her claws in my hip pocket when she thought I'd been spending too much time at the computer desk. A little flex the frist time, and a little more and a little more...........until I paid attention to her. Thirty minutes tops. She is one of the sweetest kitties we've ever had. She also has one meow that sounds a lot like no. And she uses it when no is the right thing to "say."


toonguykc said...

Green-eyed, but definitely not a monster.  Both of my girls are yellow-eyed -- but take on a green hue in bright sunlight.


mlraminiak said...

Great picture.  She is so cute.  Lisa  :-]

dsonney01 said...

Lucky's a lovey! Dannelle

frankandmary said...

I get the No meow too, anytime I put either of mine down. She doesn't look 12; I want the name of her face cream.  Stopping by from guest editor picks. Congrats. ~Mary