Monday, September 15, 2008


We got this dahlia this spring and put it in a planter out front behind the Susans.

And the close up. Doesn't look quite real does it? We did peaches last weekend. And as we were sorting, blanching and peeling I realized just how much this bloom looks like a nice ripe Improved Elberta.

The peaches were wonderful this year. We had a couple of really hot days to get the ripening started and then a few cool showery days to build up the juice. But, these were so ready to go this year that just putting them in the boxes was bruising them. Didn't lost a one though. And they're safely tucked in their jars just waiting for winter to give up some of that sunshine.


buckoclown said...

Glad there was a good crop.  Love the flower picture :o)

mleighin21st said...

Oh, the dahlias are beautiful, and just look at all those buds!
While shopping for a client, I was overcome with the smell of all those peaches in the produce dept. and just had to pick up a few(okay 8) and made a little bit of fridge jam.  YUM!
                                                                                  :)  Leigh