Friday, November 28, 2008


We were invaded by Portland yesterday. I’m really having trouble getting used to being the second shortest person in the room when all the natives are visiting. The shortest member of that family is my sister……..and she’s five nine. It was fun. We all ate too much, of course. The standard turkey and the trimmings. We do make a very good pumpkin pie if I do say so.

Mom sent a healthy supply of the leftovers out the door with sis, including a pie or the foot ball playing nephew. He was on his way to another dinner with some friend. Then it’s on to Corvallis. The Civil War game between the U of O and OSU is tomorrow and frankly………I’m having trouble deciding who to root for. OSU is tied for first in the Pac 10 conference and if they win they go to the Rose Bowl. Oregon is number three in the conference and win or lose they’ll spend the holidays somewhere other than Eugene, just not in Pasadena. Who’d have thought I’d end up thinking “what the hell, I’ll root for both teams.”

It was fun watching dad and the older boys trying to teach their “little” brother how to play cribbage. Little? Number three will probably end up the tallest of the lot. Mom and dad used to play the game a lot, but bless me if I really understand how the game is scored. The kids brought a couple of movies down with them. We got a kick out of a film called WALL E. A futuristic story about a banged up recycling robot and a planetary probe with a definite shoot first and ask questions later attitude. A nice little film with some good laughs.

And a good time was had by all. Truly something to be thankful for in these uncertain times.


emmapeelDallas said...

" And a good time was had by all. Truly something to be thankful for in these uncertain times."

Oh, I so agree, and thankfully, that was the case at my house too.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Toon said...

We had our first snow here today. Ugh. I'm not prepared for the holidays yet.