Monday, August 24, 2009


I guess I have my proof that Winco's bulk yeast is very good yeast indeed. I started a batch of oatmeal bread this morning (recipe later) and used the molassesy (is that a word) measuring cup to proof my yeast. Good thing I didn't get called to the phone or something while the little yeast beasties were starting to grow. When I looked over at the cup the foam was at the three quarter mark and rising. By the time I was ready to add the yeast to the other ingrediants the yeast was getting ready to head for the bowl all on it's own. LOL The yeast that almost ate the kitchen; sort of.


Dannelle said...

OMG Jackie! you're alive, me too! Happy you have good yeast!
How is Mom?
The Cat Babies?
The Garden?
Love you, my very first virtual, internet friend!

Lisa :-] said...

Don't forget molasses is basically sugar. YEAST...LIKE....SUGAR... LOL!