Tuesday, March 23, 2010


The gospel according to Newt Gingrich. LBJ's political ship was sunk by the civil rights bill of 1964. Granted the former 90's Republican speaker of the house isn't exactly known for his tact. After all he informed his first wife he wanted a divorce while she was still groggy from cancer surgery. Way to go Mr. Gingrich, I guess the right side of the brain doesn't know what the left side of the brain is thinking. Or is ignoring the left side of the brain because horror of horrors; it's the LEFT SIDE of the brain.

Announcing your opinion that the bill that made it possible for more minorities to vote, helped end segregated public schools, and got folks out of the back of the bus was a mistake while trying to build your base with these voters seems a little counter productive.

But, then I guess my memory is a little faulty. Here I've belived that it was Viet Nam that drove LBJ to announce that he wasn't going to run in '68. Did I miss something back there?