Thursday, June 24, 2010


Life hangs on by the thinnest threads sometimes. We potted up a pretty little pink miniature rose a couple of years ago. In spite of a little black spot last summer it seemed really happy in its pot on the front steps.

We had an unexpected and fairly severe cold snap in early November and I think the shrub was nipped a bit; it spent the rest of the winter under cover on the porch. When the plant started to leaf out this spring, it was back to its home on the steps, Where it promptly went downhill.

When we took out a huge fern in the bed next to house well, there was this whole new space to fill in. What the heck, give pinky a chance. When I went to unpot the rose, surprise surprise, there were three tiny little leaves at the base of the main stem. Into the oversize potting soil lined hole went the patient. The rose that appeared to be ready for rose heaven is now about six inches tall and doing an admirable imitation of a dandelion. In other words, it’s growing like a weed.

Never give up, you just might bloom in spite of everything.