Monday, October 25, 2010


We had guests in the front yard about a half hour before sunset. There's been a blacktail doe and her twins from this year checking the neighborhood out off and on the last few weeks. We'd spot the twins out front or in a neighbor's yard while mama was on station on the hill behind the house. This evening all three plus a little spike buck were out front just checking out the possibilities. I wonder if "spike" is hers from last year.

There was a story in paper last week detailing how hard it is to hunt blacktails. Can't understand why anyone would. Not because they're cute (if a pain in the gardener's keister) but they aren't very big. They might be about three feet or so at the shoulder on a good day. So far they haven't been too big a pain in the garden this year. More nibblers than munchers. But, then we do have the plantings pretty dispersed anyway.

Didn't try for pictures, it was getting dark. I assume they have a hidey hole up in the brush on the hill. Someplace out of the rain.


Lisa :-] said...

Yeah...the blacktails are really small, compared to the muleys east of here, or even the white-tails we used to have at home in Illinois. We call these little guys "dog-deer" because they're hardly bigger than a large dog...

JACKIE said...

There was a website, that I didn't visit, that advertised "tame" deer as housepets. Too weird. It was fun watching the twins explore. We had the brush cust back on the hill and there's a small flat spot up on the edge. Momma would hang out up there while the kids nosed around on the flats; ears swiveling like radar receivers.