Thursday, October 6, 2011


The current Republican favorite, Herman Cain, opened his pie hole on the subject of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations. Herman Cain on Occupy Wall Street: If you don't have a job and you're not rich it's your fault.

This was one of the comments on the article. Thank you butlercaddie
“Comments like this demonstrat¬e exactly why Herman Cain will not get any of the AfAm vote. They of all people can tell you that working hard under the rich man's rules are nowhere NEAR enough. That unchecked local government, and unregulate¬d business, will guarandamt¬ee that the worker does NOT get rich.

It IS class warfare, and they started it.”

And this was my reply to the first comment with some editing. People were posting so fast that I doubt if anyone ever read it.

It's worse than that. In earlier recessions, even the Republicans and big business accepted that you had to get some people working again so we could buy their stuff. They needed the American middle class.

With the rise of the multinational corporations there are expanding middle classes in other countries, especially in India and China. A whole new market for their stuff. They don't really need their American middle class customers anymore. With the increasing attacks on the safety net you have to start wondering if they've decided they don't need "us" anymore. Careful ladies and gentleman, there is no one more dangerous than enough parents with hungry,sick children. You may just come to regret your support for "second amendment solutions


Lisa :-] said...

Cynthia posted a graph on her Facebook wall the other day that showed the huge disparity between the growth in middle class wages and the growth of "compensation" (I hesitate to call them wages, because I don't think these folks actually work) for the top 1%. The gigantic disparity was blatant and shameful. And then some idiot commented, "But it's that top 1% that are starting/buying companies and creating all the jobs." To which Cyn replied to the effect that if that was the case, they were doing a piss-poor job of it.

Oh, yeah...they're providing jobs. But not HERE. And, as you say, the middle class is buying up what they produce. But not OUR middle class. I foresee a time, in the not-too-distant future, when America will become a nation of poor and super-rich. And we all know what happens when that becomes the case. Russian Revolution, anyone?

JACKIE said...

Or the French Revolution, God save us.

Lisa :-] said...

Or...does that mean if I'm not rich and I don't have a job it's not the President's fault either, Mr. Republican Presidential Candidate?