Monday, October 17, 2011


“Movements which began gloriously and brought liberty and new life have died out as mere obstructions, not because they had outlived their usefulness but because they allowed themselves to drift into mere negation. The thing they stood for was forgotten in the effort to hinder some other movement which was working for the same object in a different way. What the world demands is always the positive thing, however it may be presented, and those who do nothing to advance it are ruthlessly pushed aside.”

Ernest Scott in Varieties of New Testament Religion. What is true in religion is equally true in politics. You can keep saying no for just so long before you start hearing the question “when will you say yes?” If you can’t answer that question don’t be surprised when you’re pushed aside. The Tea Party and the radicals in both parties need to remember this. Their fellow citizens are getting tired of hearing what they can't do. It's time to tell us what we can do.


Lisa :-] said...

The problem is, they CAN'T do anything. And if we want anything done, we have to get rid of these "leaders" and lead ourselves.

heavy hedonist said...

Looking to others for action is usually a mistake. We change what is happening by our own good actions, and the lawmakers and breakers can catch up to us!
Peace, Mari