Wednesday, October 12, 2011


From the Iroquois

Our religion is all about thanking the Creator.
That’s what we do when we pray.
We don’t ask him for things,
We thank Him.
We thank Him for the world and every animal and plant in it.

We thank Him for everything that exists.
We don’t take it for granted that the tree’s just there.
We thank the Creator for that tree.
If we don’t thank Him maybe the Creator will take that tree away.

That’s what the ceremonies are all about; that’s why
They are important, even for the White Man.
We pray for the harmony of the whole world.
The Creator wants to be thanked….

From Meetings with Native American Spiritual Elders By Steve Wall and Jeremy Elder

Read this and then think about all the prayers we've heard overheard over the years. So seldom do you hear a simple thank you for what we've already been given.

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