Thursday, November 24, 2011


On a day that involves pumpkin pie and whipped cream I remembered something that happened when one of my nephews was still small, say about three or so. We were babysitting and I was whipping some cream and there was Tim, looking up at me. Looking very hopeful.

“You like whipped cream?”

Nod yes.

“Does your mom let you have a beater?”

Nod yes.

“Do you want one of these?” (silly question)

Nod yes.

“Knock yourself out kid,”

Big smile, messy kid. I made sure to load up that beater before I gave it to him.


Lisa :-] said...

And now he's, college?

JACKIE said...

Yep, He's a junior at Concordia. Still doesn't talk much but smiles a lot. And what we warned Chris about came true. Tim's got about 2 inches and forty pounds or so on his big brother.