Friday, December 23, 2011


Had a flicker visiting in the yard this morning while the other birds were getting their sunflower seed fixes.

This little guy spent about five minutes watching a squirrel hang from the roof of the feeder and then decided to try it himself. Hey, if the furball can do it, maybe I can too. Success.

After the trip to the wooden feeder the flicker spent a little time watching the smaller birds at the tube feeder. It was a bit of a stretch but he managed to hang on.

And then he was suddenly on the wing.


Lisa :-] said...

Ummm....that is not a thrush. It is a flicker. Great pictures, though... :)

JACKIE said...

Ok, it was mostly sideviews from the middle of the kitchen using the telephoto feature. We don't get very many of these guys in the yard. It was fun watching him watch everybody else, shake his head a couple of times and go for it.,

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