Friday, May 4, 2012


We were "adopted" right about the time we had all the snow. A very friendly, trusting gray tabby showed up on the porch. He had a collar, but the tag/bell was missing. I haven't seen any posters up on the local power poles so, no idea where he came from. And a couple of days later he showed up with one foreleg through the collar, so that's history. Smoky and Amber seem to have an understanding. I get the porch you get the bench in back and the food bowls are fair game.

Anyway, this morning I think Smoky met his match.

WTF. Geez, these guys are HUGE!

They got beaks and feathers. They must be birds but shit, they're big. And coming my way.

I'll try another angle over here. We did an early run to Winco this morning and the birds were still pecking away when we came out. If I'd known they'd just look at me and keep pecking I'd have been out there in my nightclothes and jacket get some decent close ups. Birds didn't give a good goldarn if we were there or not. Maybe they'll be back another morning.

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