Friday, November 23, 2012


I did this entry over a year ago. This election cycle the truth was the first to go and it's still lost. If is the biggest two letter word in the English language and we've been hearing it a lot the last couple of weeks. If only we'd

Had better candidates.
Been able to keep their lips zipped.
etc. etc. etc.
My favorite is "our message is just fine, we just have to get the voters to listen."

Face it. Romney couldn't get the loose lips to stay zipped and he couldn't get Bain (his former company) to hold off on shipping over one hundred sixty jobs to China, while telling us he was worried about jobs.

So here we go again:

In ancient Ireland the king is the center, the hub of a circle that includes battle, prosperity, music and vision. When the king understands that the truth is the foundation of his position, the realm flourishes. The king’s truth is responsible for the well being of almost every part of Celtic society. And the truth is comes from his union with the divine feminine, the Goddess who lives in the land itself.

Legend has it that a first century high king was instructed by his Druid advisor about the importance of the King’s Truth

By the King’s Truth great clans are ruled,
By the King’s Truth great death is warded off,
By the King’s Truth great battles are driven off into the enemy’s country,
By the King’s Truth great right prevails,
By the King’s Truth every vessel is full,
By the King’s Truth fine weather comes in each fitting season:
Winter fine and frosty,
Spring dry and windy,
Summer warm with showers of rain,
Autumn heavy with dew and fruitful.
By the King’s Truth the land is fruitful and every child is born worthy,
By the King’s Truth there is an abundance of tall grain.

Let him magnify the Truth, it will magnify him,
Let him strengthen Truth, it will strengthen him,
Let him guard the Truth, it will guard him,
Let him exalt the Truth, it will exalt him.

From Yearning for the Wind by Tom Cowan.  I said over a year ago that if I thought it would do any good I would send of copy of this to every Republican candidate running for president. But, it wouldn't do any good would it? Perhaps I should have, because listening to the bitching, moaning, denial and general insisting on living in an alternate reality has gotten really, really old.

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