Thursday, August 7, 2014


Noah again. I just love picking apart some the reviews. The land is a barren waste. There isn’t a tree or a bush for miles. Noah’s grandfather Methuselah gives him a seed. When he plants it a forest grows around their camp, forty or fifty years growth overnight.

Man talk about picking nits. “That isn’t very environmental. Grow a whole forest just to cut it down.” God/dess give me strength. What was he going to use to build the bloody boat. The few trees that were surviving were what we’d call in Western Oregon bushes with delusions of grandeur. Using those you’d have room for the family and the doves. And it would be a tight fit. And actually there were plenty of trees left by the time the rains hit. And I still don't know where they put all the critters even if they did sleep through the whole catastrophe.

This isn’t about environmentalism. It’s about two radically different interpretations of our relationship to the Creator and the rest of Creation. Are we caretakers, taking only what we need and being respectful enough to clean up after ourselves, realizing that in words of the Lakota “we don’t own the earth we borrow it from our children.”
Or are we Dominators with all the baggage, crap and bloody mess that goes with it. Taking what we think we need whether it’s man, beast, plant or resource. Tampering with the very core of Creation itself never mind the damage or the mess. Creating plants that can be poisoned and live. Look around you. We haven’t quite reached the devastation of Noah’s world, but just take a look at the tar sands of Alberta or a pond where they store the waste from fracking. We are definitely on our way,

I was working on this yesterday. News on the net. A tailing pond up in Canada has breached dumping 1.3 billion, you read that right billion, gallons of heavily contaminated wastewater into the local watershed. That's the equivalent of 2,000 Olympic sized swimming pools. It may reach the Fraser River, the longest river in Canada. Tubal Caine would be so proud. His spiritual children live on.

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