Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Imagine my surprise when I found an ad for Oregon Republican senate candidate Monica Wehby on my FB page. I mean guys, I follow Chicks on Left, Christians on the Left, moderate Christian bloggers. What glitch in your algorithms even suggested I would appreciate finding her and the comments going with it on MY page? After a dip in the kitchen midden of the comments I axed the page with no regrets.

She supports axing the IRS, the Department of Education AND the EPA. Nothing personal, but it’ll save money. Excuse me while I start laughing semi hysterically. Dear Monica was in her early teens when the EPA was created. And I suspect she hasn’t looked into WHY the EPA was created. Under a Republican president by the way. Anybody remember Love Canal? Contaminated industrial and electrical substation sites, the abandoned factory site where the PBB’s that poisoned Michigan were manufactured, Hanford. They didn’t even get started on the Michigan site until 2012.  20 f’ing 12 for God/dess sake. Almost thirty years after the factory was closed.

These agencies were not created just to piss off the Koch brothers and their loyal minions. They were created for a reason. Oh, and the possible replacement for the IRS? Setting totals state by state and leaving it to the states to raise the money. Folks that’s been tried before. Under the Articles of Confederation which were replaced by the constitution. It didn’t work then either. Fancy that.

I’m working through Forrest McDonald’s book on the ideas that cited to support the constitution. Don’t know if I’ll get a blog entry out it, but there truly is nothing new under the sun. LOL. What ticks me off is that we're arguing over the same damn ideas from state sovereignty to nullification over two hundred years later.

UPDATE: With twenty odd percent of the votes Merkley and DeFazio are going back to Washington. Happy, happy. Joy, joy. 

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