Tuesday, May 12, 2015


what the right wing and fundie reaction would be if an African American or Latino family or even atheists were living in these conditions and "unschooling" their kids. 

But no, these are good, white Christians with a following that apparently doesn't have a problem rains small children under conditions that would embarrass a villager in Bangladesh. That folks is what they describe as a cabin. Tent fabric roof, "Walls on three sides. I hope to hell there's at least an outhouse on the property but I doubt it.

At last update their ten kids were in the care of Kentucky CPS and their "fans" were crying persecution. The kids are not only being raised in an unsafe environment, they aren't even getting education a crappy (and not all homeschooling is crappy) home school with ACE workbooks woud provide there are questions of whether they even have birth certificate.

You what to live in fourth world conditions fine. But your kids are too young to defend themselves and deserve better.

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