Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Nice little story in the local paper about the canceled democratic convention in Nevada this weekend . They closed down early because of the violent actions of some Sanders supporters, Of course a talking head put out a statement. Typical word salad. "We don't condone violence, yadda yadda, etc. etc." How about a firm "knock it off already, you're sounding like the Tea Partying KKK." Of course you can't really get through to “true” believers. No matter how hard you try.
Sanders, you'd better pull up your big boy pants. Don't leave this to your handlers. Make it perfectly, crystal clear that physical and verbal violence, especially threatening someone's life is over the line, not cool, bad news, and likely to blow up in your faces. Also over the line. Throwing chairs, cups, whatever you can lay your selfish little paws on will not play well with many democratic voters, much less the middle of the roaders you need to get your man elected. If he manages to get the nomination. And your antics leave me cold. As in single digits cold. 
To the nutjobs who are doing this, the party does not need a replay of the 1968 Chicago convention. Of course YOU probably weren't even born yet. Helped elect Tricky Dick Nixon. And Trump is infinitely worse.

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Lisa :-] said...

I am disappointed beyond words with the performance of the Democrats this primary season. Progressives had the opportunity to demonstrate a return to sanity, wisdom and a concern for the issues. Instead, they have opted to perform like blue-clad Tea Partiers. Regardless of the outcome of the general election (and I'm becoming more and more apprehensive about the possibility of a Trump presidency), Democrats have lost my respect and have seriously damaged any faith I had left in the basic goodness of human nature...