Sunday, June 25, 2017


This post was prompted by this article  and I will tell what I know of her story as often as I can.

This is about a great aunt I never knew. We were doing the Memorial Day flower round when I noticed a very small grave marker near other family graves. I guess it caught my eye because her name was the same as my grandma Parks. Edith. Checking out the dates on the marker was obvious that she died way too soon. It didn't take long for mom to tell me what she knew of her story.

Edith Freeman was her married name. Mom didn't remember her family name. If she ever knew it. And isn't that a kick. Try tracing the maternal sides of your family tree and like as not you'll keep running into brick walls.

She and my not so great uncle lived in a tiny little town in the foot hills of the Oregon Cascades. The nearest town with a hospital was over an hour away over a gravel road. As mom remembers it there was one family in town with a car.

 It was during the depression. They were dirt poor. She already had three small children and I'd be surprised to find out that the oldest was already in primary school. I don't know what she used but she tried to end her pregnancy herself. The owner of that only car tried to get her to that hospital. She never made it. She bled to death.. I'll repeat that.SHE BLED TO DEATH. She died in a car on a gravel road with only the driver for company.

That's her story. What I know of it. I'm guessing that there are a lot of stories just like hers. Her name was Edith and I will keep telling her story whenever and wherever I can.

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Lisa :-] said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere! Such as it is... I'll leave my comment for all three posts here. As to the consequences... Times change. Economies change. The world has changed. We have not changed with it. Not for the better, anyway. And as to your second post...sigh! We like to think that things have only recently gone to fear-mongering, avaricious hell in this country. Obviously, that is not the case. Laws were put in place to stop those horrible practices, and many others (the banking debacle comes to mind.) Republicans won't rest until all those laws are repealed and greed can run completely rampant, unfettered, unrepentant, once again. Makes you want to puke. Or leave.

And as to Edith...once again, Republicans won't be happy until Edith's tragic, early twentieth-century story becomes the norm once again, here in what is supposed to be the "enlightened" twenty-first. Horrible.