Sunday, July 25, 2004


OK,  so Frank is sort of blue and white, about 17x17xwhatever and shaped like half an egg. Anyone
out there that doen't think one of these electronic $@**&!!!"S  is a person, boy do I have some
waterfront property in Florida for sale.

Frank picked up this nickname early last spring when he (she, it, ?) develped some major electronic
health problems. Not all at once, darn it. By the time the hard drive crashed I'd all ready invested
some major bucks in the first set of problems. So, b-tree ect. restored and new 80 gig hard drive
partitianed we were back in business. Partitianing-you (the tech actually) split the hard drive and
set it up with two operating systems. Unfortuantely, Frank has trouble remembering how to find
the 9.2 side of the hard drive so I'm working from the OSX side. Unfortunately the majority of
my software is sneaking through the door from the other side. (Have I lost you yet?) Slows things
down a lot.

Anyway-I am very fond of ol' Frank. (I can't claim credit for Frankenputer-picked it up from one
of the gals at the Eugene Mac Store. She basically has the guts of an E-Mac in an old powermac
chassis) I'm going to miss my old friend (stop reading over my shoulder).......about as much
as dad missed his old model A when they got the new Pontiac when I was about three and a half. lol

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