Wednesday, July 28, 2004


If you've read my other journal, you know I've made several entries on our front yard and the
grass that isn't there anymore. In its place we have lots of lavender,  some daylilies, black eyed
susans, coneflowers, a butterfly bush and other shrubs.

It's gotten a lot more interesting. This weekend I got some pictures of bumblebees, watched butterflies
dance around the butterfly bush, and watched a dragonfly perch with perfect stillness on the stalk
of a gladiola. I'd forgotten that dragonfly wings shimmer like gold. I wish I could say "film at 11"
but that dragon was very camera shy. I think he knew  I was out there. It's been fun watching the
"work in progress". The hardest thing is not adding too much at once. The available space looked
a lot bigger before we started planting and some of the plants are getting a lot bigger that we

As long as the butterflies are happy, I'm happy.

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