Sunday, October 1, 2006


Enough in the papers and on the news this weekend to depress a terminaly optimistic hyena so I went looking for something more hopeful.

Paint a picture of tomorrow

With gentleness, in your mind,

Tinting it all with feelings,

Every creation of humankind.


Be willing to feel every heart,

And the desires it contains,

Including every nuance,

The joy, as well as the pain.


Don’t forget to use all colors,

The pastels, tints, and hues,

That represent the wholeness

That Great Mystery can imbue.


Then sculpt the shapes of destiny,

The patterns great and small,

Weaving dark and light in unity,

Yet unfolding within the All.


But what is the difference

In this world and Yesterdays?

Is it the final ingredient

That changes our former ways?


Jamie Sams in Earth Medicine



toonguykc said...

My colors will be a range of grays.  Not pretty.


tenyearnap said...

Optimistic hyena...I like that.