Sunday, October 29, 2006


View from the side door of the enclosed deck towards the new six foot wide deck. It runs the width of the back yard. About twelve feet or so. The concrete blocks came from a half assed planter that was put in several years ago. Mainly to use the blocks. I spead the bark yesterday and took the planter apart. I really still can't believe I did it. Wonderful what losing about a hundred pounds can do. The blocks will be bases for oblong wooden planters. We saw some great combinations out at Johnson Brothers nursery the last couple of times we were out. Combos of grasses, herbs, perrenials and annuals. Spectacular ideas.The shrub is a volunterr forsythia that will probably be replaced by one of the native wild roses. Several varieties, all pink.

Back by the fence There will be an area using these plants.


The tall plant in the back is a variety of flax. It will probably get five feet or so tall. They didn't have any dusty miller left, but they did have an herb called silver santolina which has the same silvery color and also has yellow flowers. It will be about a foot and a half tall and wide. The fine green striped plant is a Japanese reed grass. The blue green grass is blue fescue. It will mound beautifully and everything should blend in very well.

We'll put a path through the middle. Combined pavers and the old bricks from the barbeque. Mom is visualizing grasses and using ferns that we already have. Just lift part of the fern, plant it and you're in like Flynn, And the smaller lavenders will work very well too.


tenyearnap said...

That's going to be gorgeous. You two could start your own landscaping business. It will probably be the only one around with The 80 Year Old Mother who builds concrete steps. She is too cool!

mlraminiak said...

I just typed a long, invlved comment, and got booted off the internet.  Crap!  Anyway, it's all looking good...!  Lisa  :-]