Sunday, October 29, 2006


These don't look like much now. We went back out to Johnsons's yesterday and came back with three more potentillas, AKA shrubby cinquefoile. The brighter green one will have tiny yellow flowers and will look something like this.

The lighter foliage plant in the front is called "pink whisper" and has flowers that should look something like this. They're only and inch or so across. The leaves are tiny and resistant to drought. We don't have problems with deer but they're supposed to be good to plant where deer are a problem.

Man I love the net, I can combine my shots with what's available on the internet.

Anyway mom got the first two in last week and while I was moving blocks out back she was pulling the last big lavender. We both worked on getting the first shrub in to replace the lavender. We pretty much decided where the other two would go while we were at it.

 So, this morning while she was at church, I crossed my fingers, stepped into the mists and started digging. Had to take time to lift some autumn crocus bulbs and put them aside in pots to rest until we can put them back in a little different place. Surprised myself with two completed, if muddy holes. Took the both of us less than half an hour to get the other two in their new homes. Made her very happy to get them out of the way so she has more time to work with the easier plantings, They're very hardy, so short of an extended freeze in January they should come through just fine and be raring to go in the spring.

Actually I have an eye exam to tomorrow afternoon and I took Tuesday off in case I don't have time to fill my new perscription Monday. So, I can probably give her some help Tuesday, too.

My knees are a little stiff this evening but it's been a long time since I could do something like this that I'm feeling a little proud of myself. I'm in no danger of breaking my arm patting myself on the back.


tenyearnap said...

You should be proud of yourself. You've done a lot of work this weekend. Your photos next spring/summer are going to be gorgeous.

mlraminiak said...

(((Jackie)))  I am so glad you're feeling up to all this.  I have been a little worried about you, my friend.  Want to have you around for a couple more decades, anyway...   Lisa  :-]