Monday, June 11, 2007


It looks like we really traumatized the cats when we were gone for a grand total of about 55 hours last weekend. Unfortunately you can’t explain to a cat that you aren’t leaving forever. It just feels that way.

When Lucky wasn’t in my lap this weekend she was sitting in my chair waiting for to come back so she could be in my lap. Or she was meowing at me to get my kiester over where it belonged so she could take back her favorite spot. Kind of hard when I was bopping in and out of the kitchen most of the day. She was acting really put out during the granola baking process. You have to stir it every five minutes or so and I wasn’t going to discuss getting up and down with the cat for the half hour or so total baking time. Besides I found something else to work on between oven checks.

As for Misty, she was constantly up and down. She doesn’t hesitate to sit on Lucky if that will get here where she wants to be. She doesn’t do laps, she does chests. And I’m usually wishing I had a towel handy. Not because of the shedding, it’s the claws. She keeps her arsenal well honed and she loves to “knead bread dough.” Bandit is not a lap cat, so if I was going to spend the day in the kitchen she was going to sleep in the kitchen. On my chair. Right next to where I was working. She didn’t seem to mind the little doughy flour bits that flew her way every so often.

We got semi drowned shrub shopping Saturday. This is the strangest spring I’ve seen in a long time and really it didn’t rain that hard. And really it was only wet, not really cold. We ended up with a nice sized barberry and a couple of other little shrubs to put with the new day lilies. We’re finding that how much pruning we have to do to each plant every year is starting to loom large. That’s one of the reasons the elderberry and the butterfly bush are gone. A pick up load of trimmings from just two bushes every year was NOT A GOOD THING.

The day lilies are coming along very nicely and it’s starting to look like I’ll need a step ladder to take pictures of the stargazer lilies if they keep going the way they are right now. The stems are over five feet tall and there are no signs of buds yet, so I guess the sky is the limit. Since they usually bloom in July, I guess the sky really is the limit.


mlraminiak said...

Whoa...I've never heard of a lily getting that tall.  Looks like you might have something from "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on your hands.  Lisa  :-]

toonguykc said...

I can imagine Lucky thinking "Jesus, can BUY granola!!"


tenyearnap said...

We had stargazers by one of the barns when we had the farm. They grew to about 4 feet tall and the scent was heavenly. Don't turn your back on those 5 foot giant mutants! --Cin

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