Monday, July 9, 2007


I took a vacation day today so we could do some extra things this weekend. And got to do most of them. We surprised ourselves and got both arbors in this morning. Happy dances all around. The white blur on the side is the shasta daisies. Of course I was taking this shot about 11:30 in full sun so what can you expect? So now we can get that back area on the south side cleaned up. If we can get it cultivated, the odd blocks moved out and bark down that will be a big improvement. And a good start on next year.

We  did make it up to the rose gardens yesterday and found what we wanted. This is a shot from the Heirloom Roses website.

It's a Cecile Brunner. It comes either as a shrub rose or an enthusiastic climber. A very enthusiastic climber.It's going on the north (house) side of the arbor. It's supposed to reach its full size within three years. And it's supposed to bloom all season. Full size means it will go over the arbor and the trellis. there is a yellow climber on the other side. So between the two roses the arbor and trellis to should make a nice privacy screen for the back.

Happy dance, happy dance. :-)


tenyearnap said...

HAPPY DANCE...HAPPY DANCE...just seeing daisies makes me want to do a happy dance :-) Cin

mlraminiak said...

Be careful of that Cecile Bruner.  I seem to recall you saying you ditched some shrubs earlier this season because of their need for pruning.  Cecile will eat your house if you don't keep her under control.  I'm not kidding...  I've seen her do it.  But she IS beautiful.  And smells great, too.    Lisa  :-]